Creating the soundscape

In addition to being a programmer for the game, I was also designated Lead sound. While I’ve been mostly focused on the coding, I’ve also tried to think about what the soundscape of the game should be. I have some slight previous experience in making music and soundeffects in a program called sunvox, which is a tracker (modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer).

The Sunvox tracker

I wanted to make sure that all sounds in the game where consistent for everything in the game, so I tried to make a small set of instruments to use as a base. Then, I used this small set of tools together with some small effects to create some diversity in the sounds while keeping them consistent.

An example is that I’ve used a noise generator pretty heavily (to the point where I’m a bit worried that I’ve over-used it), and then adding slight reverb effects and such to make them different. That way, the sounds of the Vines dissapearing follow the same theme as the worms rumble, but they have a distinct difference.

When designing the background music, I experimented a lot to create a sound that sounded mysterious and wondrous to match our aesthetics goals of the game. Then, for the Win and Lose music, I used the same Instrument, but built a more happy/victorious sound for the Win-music, and a dissonant sound for the Death sound.

Especially for the Lose sound I feel I did well, the dissonant background music together with the sound of wings fluttering off into the distance (again made with the noise generator), felt really good. Since it uses the same instrument as the normal background music, it can be used as a fade in when the player dies.

All in all, I’ve not worked quite as much as I should have on the sound part of my duties, but in the end it turned out well. I’ve definitely learned a lot about sound design and also more specifically the program SunVox. I feel a lot more confident in being able to produce at least adequate sound effects and music from scratch.